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Answers to members questions!


Have fun getting to know me………………


Q) Sexual Orientation?
 A) Straight

Q) What is your favourite  Perfume ?
A)  "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder

Q) What is your favourite Drink?
A) Bailey's over ice

Q) What is your favourite Cocktail?
A) Screaming Orgasm

Q) What are your Hobbies?
A)  Cooking, Naturism and my website:)

Q) Best Asset?
A) My bum! I keep getting told by photographer's it is irrestible! (What do you think?)

Q) Favourite Position?

A)  Any, as long as it's from behind:)

Q) How long have you been posing for photographs?

A)  Ever since I met my Husband, 20 years ago, he loves taking photos of me!

Q) Do you answer all your own emails?
 A) Yes, I love getting to know my fans and members, and what they would like to see. I am just a regular woman, and they are regular people also, and I like having that personal connection to them.

Q) Is it possible to meet you?
A) No, sorry - I am happily married.

Q) Can I book you for a photo shoot?
A) I am available on a very limited basis for amateur photographers, but you would need to be able to provide your own accomodation in the Suffolk/Norfolk area.

Q) Can I buy worn items of clothing from you?
A) Yes,I can supply a limited number of used / worn items – such as tights, knickers, thongs, bras, vests, socks etc @ £15.00 per item (includes P & P and a personally signed photo)  Please email me for a list of items. (These can only be paid for, via Neteller or Bank Transfer of funds.)

Q) Can I send you clothing to wear in photo sets?
A) Currently, I am unable to provide a postal address, sorry!

Q) What are your favourite stockings?
A) Black sheer nylon classic seam, point heel by Gio

Q) What are your favourite Pantyhose?
A) Woolford’s

Q) Why do you shave your pussy?
A) It makes me more sensitive and increases to the visual pleasure!

Q) Do you vajazzle?
A) Occasionally, I have taken it up! - Yes!

Q) Do you like anal sex?
A) I love having anal sex.

Q) Do you enjoy oral, and do you swallow?
A) I LOVE oral and and I love to swallow !

Q) How do you keep your Pussy Lips so smooth?
A) Well I shave it in the bath every couple of weeks, but the bits I can't see, I get someone to give me a hand!

Q) What gets you aroused most in bed?
A) Quite a few things, but a tongue between my legs usually works best!

Q) If fucking was an olympic sport what would your favourite event be?

A) Well I have been "in-training" since I was 15, so I ought to be pretty good at it, by now:) I think I am good at performing on all four's and very good at cumming from behind!
Q) Have you ever been touched up in public?
It has happened a few times. The last time was in a Wine Bar in Norwich - when I was out with a group of girlfirends and I was wearing my tight black wet look leggings and no knickers underneath:) As we were standing at the bar - waiting to order drinks, I felt a man slip his arms around me. He started to lean against my behind, and I took no notice. But then I felt him press himself quite hard against my bum and I could feel he was very aroused, and very big! I looked around to see a guy grinning and he said - ‘All right darling, nice to feel you!"

Q) Do you prefer stockings or pantyhose?
A) I prefer to wear stockings when it is warm, or on a night out, as they are cooler, and more sexy:) However, I often wear Pantyhose to work, as they are more convenient and comfortable, depending on what I am wearing.

Q) Have you ever been "punished" by a gentleman for being naughty?
A) Not by a "Gentleman" no:)

Q) Have you ever had sex in a swimming pool?
A) No I haven't - I have had sex in a jacuzzi at a hotel in Bromsgrove, Worcestshire:)

Q) When was the last time you were chatted up by a guy, and what was his chat up line?
A) The last one, was at Christmas when I was out with some girlfriends, in a wine bar in Norwich.I was wearing very tight black lycra wet-look leggings with nothing underneath them J  A guy came up to me and said - "Excuse me! But I can see a crack in your leggings”

Q) Have you ever had your bum spanked and did you like?
A) Yes, I do like to be spanked - but not too hard! I enjoy being spanked as either as a prelude to sex, or during sex (depending on the position I am in), of course!! I have a very sensitive bottom, and it loves lots of attention!!

Q) Do you like wearing slips?
Yes, I sometimes wear slips to work, under long skirts and dresses. I like the feel of the satin slip against my bare thighs! - If I am wearing stockings, or nothing on my legs. A couple of guys at work, have commented, when I “accidently" flashed my stockings or slips - so that is always a turn on:)

Q) What is the naughtiest place you have had sex in Public?
A) Well I did once have sex at Epsom Downs Golf Course, late one Saturday night. It was a warm summer night, and we did it on one of the greens; not far from the "Tattenham Corner" Public House - we could hear and see the people leaving the pub at closing time, whilst we were nearby on the green of the 2nd hole - kind of ironic when the guy I was with was filling both mine:)


Q) I think I saw you last weekend at Thetford Forest in Norfolk, having a picnic with a guy. You were wearing a short denim mini-skirt, and I caught a glimpse of your bum, everytime you bent over to sit down or get up. I am not sure if you were wearing a thong or nothing under your skirt! Was it you, and do you mind guys looking up your skirts in public?
A) I do sometimes picnic in Thetford Forest!  I am aware that when I wear a short skirt, I may "flash the flesh" a little. - That is why I was wearing a pink thong underneath! Maybe you couldn't see it - as there was so much "pink" on show? and it was probably riding up between my "cheeks" at the back:) lol. I try not to "flash" in public, but sometimes it really can't be helped. Like when getting out of the car, it is hard to keep my legs together enough, not to flash something....or when on all fours on a picnic blanket, laying out the blanket etc. So I always make sure I am wearing a nice thong, when i wear a mini skirt - just in case:)

Q) What your most exciting fuck ever?
A) It was a few years ago, after a wedding reception, (and quite a few drinks!!!) I had sex on the bonnet of a car, late at night, in a public car park in Carshalton, Surrey.
I had my long dress up around my waist and the feeling of the cold metal of the car bonnet on my buttocks - whilst doing it in the open air, and the excitement of possibly being seen by other people, made for a very exhilarating experience.

Q) Have you ever given a guy a Blow Job outdoors, and if so, what is the most Public Place you have given one?
A) Yes, i have given a guy a BJ outdoors @ Wisley Picnic site and lake in Surrey. Also, i used to work in a well known retail shop in Croydon, Surrey and at lunchtimes, a certain guy used to come and visit me occasionally when i was on my lunch break. I used to take lunch at a desk in the stock room downstairs from the shop floor. And let's just say, "lunch" wasn't the other thing i took at the desk!! This particular guy used to bend me over the desk, pull down my pantyhose and knickers from behind, and take me from behind! It was so good, i married him !! lol.

Q) Do you use a vibrator?
A) Well my motto is - "When Hubby's away, my vibrator comes out to play!" It is called a "jelly vibrator" and it is pink with silver glitter in colour. It is approx 17cm in length, quite flexible and has ridges and veins in it for authenticity !I So it is a nice size, without being too big and fits quite snugly, in all the right places! But i must admit, i use it more as a "Clitoral stimulator" than for penetration.

Q) Do you like the thought of all us men masterbating to your sexy photos?
A) I am flattered that you all find me that attractive! I must admit the thought does turn me on. Keep it up!!

Q) Have you ever had a multiple orgasm?
A) YES, i most certainly have:) In fact frequently! ( i think my record is four!)

Q) Do you wear your ff nylon stockings for sex?
A) Yes definitely! My Husband can't keep his hands off me, when i am wearing them:) And sometimes i surprise him - when he returns home from work late and i have already gone to bed - he climbs onto bed, to find me wearing them!!

Q) Do you like people to watch you masturbate and for you to watch them masturbate too?
A) I do like to watch and be watched - but i also like to lend a "helping hand"!

Q) At what age did you start wearing stockings?
A) I started wearing them occasionally when i was in the fifth form at school, so i was just 15! - Soon after my 16th birthday, i left school and went to work in Allders Department store in Croydon, and would wear them everyday to work.

Q) Do you ever take part in phone sex?
A) Yes, when my Husband is away on business, I have been known to phone him at his Hotel to describe to him what i am doing to myself and what he is missing! Let's just say, he can hear the sound of "Good Vibrations" down the phone line.

Q) What is the most daring outfit you've worn in public?
A) When I was 35, I wore a "micro mini" skirt to Brighton for an evening out. I went for a walk on the Place Pier and couldn't resist the temptation of partaking in some Ten-Pin bowling in the amusement arcade. Unbeknown to me that everytime i bent over to bowl, I was revealing my bum to everyone, as i was wearing just a white lace thong underneath!! And there i was wondering why so many guys were taking so much interest in our bowling lane!!